T5-PRO Anviz Fingerprint & Rfid Controller, Security Access Control

ANVIZ Fingerprint and RFID reader for access control. Self contained fingerprint reader with RFID EM proximity cards, validation by either method or both combined. Capacity for up to 1000 fingerprints/cards & up to 50000 registers. New generation resistant optical fingerprint sensor encapsulated and sealed. It has a powerful Texas Instruments Stellaris® processor 32-Bit and incorporates the BioNano algorithm that allows fast and reliable reading of dry, wet and cracked fingerprints, as well as intelligent and progressive improvement of the fingerprint information with each new reading. Compatible with standard EM RFID proximity cards. Enroll new cards using a master card (included) or via the management software (also included). Comunicación con PC a través de TCP/IP, RS485 y puerto miniUSB Plug & Play. Wiegand 26 encoded output. Unlike the T5,, the T5PRO incorporates its own access controller and has a door sensor, connector for a door push switch and a relay to directly control electronic locking mechanisms. The relay output can provide an output with 12V DC voltage or a NO / NC contact output free of voltage, selecting the desired option via an internal jumper.

  • N.1 Anviz access control T5-PRO FP / RFID.
  • N.1 Self-installing CrossChex access control software.
  • N.1 Hardware / Software User's Guide.